Repair and Restoration of Paving Stones

Paving Stone Repair and Restoration

Aménagements DLS is the reference on the North Shore for residential and commercial interlocking paving stone repair and refinishing.  Paving stone repair gives new life to your surfaces by reusing your existing materials.

We straighten interlocking paving stones that have shifted due to a soil that has moved over time. There are many reasons why your pavers may have shifted. It’s best to find out what caused the problem before reinstalling everything. We will check if the gravel layer was deep enough (practices differ on sandy or clay soils), if the soil was sufficiently compacted, and if the gravel was of good quality. In all these cases, the solution is to excavate again and install a deeper gravel bed. The soil will then have to be re-compacted and it will have to be well drained. Aménagements DLS will excavate, level the ground and put back your existing paver stones to refresh your landscaping.

We also offer to cover all your concrete surfaces with paving stones, whether it is for your driveway, your landing, your steps, around the pool or your patio. We can even extend the area and add new pavers to compliment your existing design.

Contact us for a quote on work that needs paving stone restoration and repair.

Aménagements DLS will take care of the necessary repairs in areas that need work to make your exterior more secure and enhance the appearance and value of your property.