Landscaping & Paving Services

Turnkey Landscaping Services


Landscaping Contractor, Aménagements DLS offers you turnkey landscaping services that includes the installation of pavers, lawn installation and plantation. Since 1994, our professionals have been developing landscaping projects to make neighbours envious. They have also developed expertise in the installation of paving stones for various projects. With us, the expression “Le terrain est toujours plus vert chez le voisin” does not apply. The living environment is always more beautiful at home.

We will create beautifully designed outdoor spaces with paving stones, slabs, walls and steps to beautify your yard, patio, terrace and garden. Take advantage of the great durability of concrete pavers to create the effect you want for your patio.



Entrance, Steps, Walls & Waterfalls in Paving Stone

The addition of paving stones around a swimming pool gives comfort and elegance to your space. You can enhance this relaxation area with various styles and colours and enhance the exterior look of your home. You can also add a waterfall feature as a breathtaking design element!

Retaining Walls

The retaining wall is critical for many residential or commercial properties. It supports the soil, retains the soil upstream and thus prevents landslides. Whether it is purely aesthetic or functional, retaining walls allow the creation of landforms, the delimitation and organization of the spaces on your property in order to get the most out of your exterior.

Plants, Trees & Shrubs

Creating an attractive space qith plants, trees and shrubs can serve several purposes. For example, brighten up an front yard with perennials or annuals, creating intimacy on a vast lot, playing hide and seek with the sun by adding shaded areas, and enjoying a spectacular spring by planting flowering trees. Turn a backyard into a small local fresh market by planting some fruit trees.

Turf/Lawn Installation

Do you need to green a front yard of a new house or to replace old grass that has turned yellow due to drought? Laying fresh turf is a simple gesture that can make all the difference. The installation of fresh turf is a simple gesture that can make a difference. We offer a turnkey service for turf installation. Our team of experts will be able to advise you on your lawn needs, whether for your home or your business.


Landscaping is an art

Concrete, stone, wood essence… Aménagements DLS has several paving stone options to harmonize the outdoors with your home and create the effect you desire.


Do you want to enhance the flower beds with a stone wall? To make the back yard entrance more inviting? Have you been dreaming for a long time of a relaxation area on the lawn or around the in-ground pool? Do you want to redesign the balcony, the steps leading to the main door of the residence or finish the driveway area with pavers? These are many tasks that give a property a new look.


With Aménagements DLS you give an added value to your property!